Ann Widdecombe: I Wouldn't Be Devastated If We Left With No Deal

7 July 2018, 14:17

Ann Widdecombe says it would "show strength of purpose" if Britain showed that it is prepared to leave the EU "without a deal and stick with it."

The former Tory MP told Andrew Pierce that Britain did not vote for either a hard Brexit or a soft Brexit, but instead to leave.

"The nation voted to leave. It didn't vote for a hard Brexit, a soft Brexit, a medium Brexit, it just voted to leave," she said.

"And leaving means not being subject to their laws, not being subject to their border policy.

"Any arrangement which doesn't deliver that is a fudge, and is going to mean this issue is simply not going to be settled."

Andrew Pierce
Andrew Pierce. Picture: LBC

Ann told Andrew that she she would not be devastated if Britain left without a deal.

"I wouldn't be devastated at all," she said.

"I think we should keep very calm if that happens, extremely calm.

"I do not believe for one moment in half the claims of project fear.

"There would be a period of uncertainty but it's not exactly as bad as Dunkirk was and we managed to get through that."