Coronavirus infected GPs advised to continue working due to staff shortages

14 March 2020, 09:07

By Seán Hickey

Staff shortages within the NHS during the coronavirus outbreak have resulted in drastic measures being taken, an NHS worker has revealed.

Ranjeet Brar, a consultant surgeon and physician within the NHS joined Andrew Pierce to clarify whether the NHS can cope with a full blown epidemic.

Andrew asked the surgeon if "NHS staff on the front line being asked to self isolate if they think they have the coronavirus" to which Mr. Brar had some interesting comments to make.

The NHS worker declared that "in China, quite a number of health staff succumbed" to coronavirus because they were made to continue working while suffering with the virus. He eluded that although most health workers survived, the fact is that some workers passed away and this could be echoed in the UK

In his own opinion, and on the advice of the WHO, Ranjeet Brar stated that "everyone who has the virus should isolate" and such has been the information coming from the UK and NHS.

The NHS physician revealed that GPs are being advised to work with Covid-19
The NHS physician revealed that GPs are being advised to work with Covid-19. Picture: PA

Mr. Brar told Andrew that he's heard an account of a GP who was found to have contracted coronavirus and was advised by the NHS that "due to shortage of staff she should continue to work".

The NHS worker added that the GP self isolated anyway as a precaution and to protect the public.

Ranjeet Brar said that "a coordinated top down response within the NHS is lacking" because of conflicting reports from different departments which is contradicting the official advice.