Drill Music Producer Says His Music Is Not To Blame For Fuelling Violence

20 May 2018, 07:42

Cressida Dick said that drill music glamourises violence, but this music producer told Andrew Pierce that the commissioner is wrong, and that his music is not to blame.

Britain's most senior police officer is calling on social media companies to remove controversial drill music videos, saying they glamourise violence.

Police commissioner Cressida Dick said: "For us, if it's against the law, it's against the law and should be taken down.

"If it is inciting or glamourising violence, then we think they have a social responsibility to work with us to take those videos down."

But this music producer claimed Ms Dick and other people critical of the genre are "making assumptions" based on "one or two" lines of lyric.

"These kids are not writing a blog, or a book, they are expressing themselves through music," said Daniel.

"People are saying it's causing more crime, and the reason for these stabbings, but that's not true.

"You might not agree with what they're saying but they want to do something positive - they want to get out of this violent situation."