Andrew Pierce Infuriated By Climate Change Protester Who Won't Reveal Disruption Plans

14 July 2019, 09:04

A row between Andrew Pierce and an Extinction Rebellion organiser took a turn when broadcaster Simon Warr accused protesters of treating the public "like small children" in an impassioned rant.

Andrew Pierce became increasingly infuriated by an organiser of climate change protests who wouldn't say where the demonstrations would take place.

Extinction Rebellion brought parts of central London to a standstill in April when they occupied Waterloo Bridge, Oxford Circus and Marble Arch in the week-long action.

Linda Doyle told the LBC presenter the group would be taking to the streets again, demanding the government set up a 'people's assembly' to deal with the climate crisis.

Pressed by Andrew what that action would involve, the activist said the group would be "blocking roads" but did not know how many.

Ms Doyle then she did not know the plans in detail because she was "not involved in organisation" of protests, before telling Andrew she "can not disclose" which roads.

Andrew said: "So you're going to spring this as a surprise on people trying to get to work and do their job?"

But as Ms Doyle apologised for the disruptions, broadcaster Simon Warr interrupted and hailed the demonstrators as "rebels" who treat everybody else 'like small children".

Extinction Rebellion protests in April
Extinction Rebellion protests in April. Picture: Getty

In his impassioned rant, Mr Warr said the Extinction Rebellion protesters "love the thrill of being disruptive" and were 'playing games' with their action in London.

Mr Warr also addressed the police response to the disruption in April this year, pointing out the cost to police was the "equivalent of half the budget of tackling knife crime".

"They've made their point, and they treat us like we're small children," he said.

"We all know you find this whole thing entertaining but quite honestly we're sick to death of it."

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