Labour MP John Mann: 'It Couldn't Get Worse Than Jeremy Corbyn'

27 October 2019, 15:48

The Labour MP for Bassetlaw said that Jeremy Corbyn is a "loser in people's eyes".

Andrew Pierce asked: "Shouldn't the Labour Party be 16 points ahead in the polls, not 16 points behind?"

Mann said: No, of course it shouldn't be and there's only one reason - Jeremy Corbyn. So if he was to stand down, he'd be doing the Labour Party and the country a great service, so I would call him to stand down today."

He agreed with Andrew that Corbyn wouldn't stand down.

He then said: "Him and the henchmen around him seem more content on destroying the Labour Party in order to get their Marxist allies in as candidates and as MPs to create some kind of revolutionary base inside Parliament.

So, that's what's going on at the moment with them stitching up local selections to stop good local people."

Mann then spoke about a council leader in his constituency not even being allowed on the ballot today.

He explained: "So that's an example, there are very many of them, where they're stitching up, they're keeping out all the normal people, the successful local council leaders, people like that. They're keep them off the shortlist to try and parachute in their own mates."

Labour MP John Mann: 'It Couldn't Get Worse Than Jeremy Corbyn'
Labour MP John Mann: 'It Couldn't Get Worse Than Jeremy Corbyn'. Picture: PA

Andrew Pierce said: "You say if he went it would transform Labour's poll position but wouldn't that depend on who they replaced Jeremy Corbyn with?"

Mann replied: "Well, it couldn't get worse but I think the likelihood is there would be an improvement."

He added: "Anyone who knocks on doors, asking voters what they think about the world, you raise the issue of Jeremy Corbyn and you watch the blood drain out of their faces or build up in anger. He is a loser in people's eyes and they're not going to vote for him."