Andrew Pierce Rails At Life Sentences: "Life Means Life!"

13 July 2019, 09:31 | Updated: 13 July 2019, 09:53

Andrew Pierce rails at life sentences for not being tough enough to deter people from carrying a knife.

Speaking on his LBC show, Andrew Pierce said life should not mean serving a jail term of ten years, but instead 40 or more.

"When I go on a train, I tend to take a newspaper, maybe a rucksack, why did this man take a knife?" he said.

"We have to send out a signal through the justice system.

"If you're caught with a knife and you use it, and you use it to kill someone, it isn't going to be life means ten years, life means 40.

"Or even what it says on the tin, life means life, you don't come out."

Watch above.