Ex-UKIP MEP: Macron deflecting 'Paris wokerati' with Patel ban

27 November 2021, 09:57 | Updated: 29 November 2021, 13:49

Former UKIP MEP hits out at Macron

By Seán Hickey

The French President is trying to absolve himself of criticism from his electorate by uninviting Priti Patel from a summit on the migrant crisis, according to this former MEP.

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Tension has risen between Number 10 and the Élysée Palace after Boris Johnson tweeted a letter sent to Emmanuel Macron in search of a solution to the crisis in the English Channel.

The post resulted in the French President withdrawing an invite to Home Secretary Priti Patel to a summit to address the migrant crisis.

"This is a hugely defensive move because Macron recognises there is blood on his hands", director at the Centre for Migration and Economic Policy Steven Woolfe told Andrew Pierce.

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"This action now is a way of him trying to deflect in the French press the anger that's being felt by the wokerati in Paris."

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The former UKIP MEP criticised President Macron's move as an over-exaggeration: "I don't believe this is enough for an international incident."

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Andrew referenced the PM's vow to solve and control migration into the UK when elected: "This doesn't say much for control, does it?" He argued.

Mr Woolfe insisted that the failure to control migration is not all on Boris Johnson's doorstep.

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"There are still long fingers of those who believe in mass migration and open door migration throughout the institutions of government."

He noted however that the current moment is "a key test" for the Prime Minister and called on him to "support Priti Patel more robustly" to tackle Channel crossings.