Brexit Party's Richard Tice Intends To Stand In General Election

3 August 2019, 09:08 | Updated: 3 August 2019, 12:33

Brexit Party Chairman and MEP Richard Tice tells LBC he intends to stand in a future general election.

The MEP said his party has a "clear strategy" to leave the EU and is preparing to stand candidates in a general election.

Speaking to Andrew Pierce, Mr Tice said: "We're getting ready for a general election whenever that is.

"If the Conservatives don't deliver on a proper Brexit on the 31st October, then they are finished as a political party and we'll take their place."

But asked whether there are any deals between the Brexit Party and the Tories, Mr Tice said there was not.

"I can absolutely guarantee there is nothing of that going on at all, we're focussed on taking votes from the Conservative Party and Labour Party.

"Because we know that's the way of maximising the pressure to get this done."

When Andrew asked whether he would be putting his name forward, the party Chairman said he would be.

"Patience is a virtue," Mr Tice said.

"I will be standing, patience is a virtue and all will be revealed in due course."

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