This Caller Tells Andrew Pierce He Barricades His Door At Night In Fear Of Deportation

21 April 2018, 08:05

One man affected by the Windrush scandal says he is so afraid of being "dragged out" his house, he barricades his door.

Theresa May has promised compensation for members of the Windrush generation who have been treated "unfairly" by the Home Office.

The Prime Minister said that the government will do "whatever it takes" to "resolve the anxieties" some of the Windrush generation have suffered.

She said: "These people are British, they are part of us, they helped to build Britain and we are all the stronger for their contributions."

Ernie in Isleworth told Andrew Pierce the scandal was "racist" and described the process of obtaining a passport as "difficult".

He has lived in the UK since he was 9-years-old, and held two jobs.

"In our minds, we only needed a passport if we wanted to travel" he said.

Ernie described how receiving "threatening" letters asking him to detail the date and time he was going to leave the country prompted him to barricade his door at night.

He said: "I was afraid I was going to be dragged out at 3 o'clock in the morning!"