Tory MP takes aim at Boris Johnson for avoiding flooded areas

22 February 2020, 11:06 | Updated: 22 February 2020, 11:15

Conservative MP for Calder Valley Craig Whittaker says that the PMs response to floods "is not good enough".

Mr. Whittaker was speaking about the disaster in communication within the government during the floods here in the last few weeks.

The MP outlined the lack of support in his constituency from government while the area tries to get to grips with their third flood "of huge magnitude" in the last eight years.

He was speaking to Andrew Pierce, who wanted to know what has changed for Boris Johnson- who before the election was out in these flood-prone areas. Andrew pointed out that this sort of treatment isn't good for Tory votes in the region, who scraped a victory in 2015.

"They might not get so many if the prime minister doesn't show more heft and concern this time round."

Floods from storms Dennis and Ciara have severely affected the British Isles
Floods from storms Dennis and Ciara have severely affected the British Isles. Picture: PA

Although Mr. Whittaker initially defended the PM's decision to stay away from flooded areas, mentioning past visits from David Cameron and Teresa may delaying the clean-up. The MP for Calder Valley said he expected to see the prime minister at least a week later to provide support for the area.

Craig Whittaker however admitted that he thinks Boris Johnson doesn't care about the people of Calder Valley, rather an opportunity to present himself to the press.

Mr. Whittaker expressed his outrage at the lack of infrastructure in his area. Despite there being serious damage to the constituency from three huge floods in eight years, he revealed his area "waited 5 years for some sort of flood defences and they're still not finished".

After taking aim, the Conservative member seemed to defend the PM by suggesting the fault doesn't entirely lie with him.

Craig Whittaker suggested that some fault lies with some ministers who should have informed the Prime Minister better on his duty to those affected by floods. "There is a huge breakdown there somewhere in communication", he claimed.

Summing up the fiasco, Mr. Whittaker fired at his own party colleagues by stating "people need to understand that the government are fighting their corner and that's not what we've seen this time at all."