Caller Tries To Tell Bev Women Are Actually Sexually Assaulting Men In Westminster

5 November 2017, 17:46

An angry caller tried to tell Bev that female MPs were assaulting their male counterparts as often, if not more frequently, than the other way round, it was just going unreported.

Jeremy Corbyn has said misogyny and sexist abuse have been "hiding in plain sight", as he called for change at Westminster and in society.

The Labour leader has been responding to the growing number of allegations of harassment in politics.

But caller James told Bev Turner that the harassment was being directed toward men by women.

Lost for words, the LBC presenter asked him to clarify what he meant before laying into him.

She said: "Ring me back when there is one male MP who has accused a female colleague of harassing him."

Watch the whole argument above.