Beverley Turner Says We Need To Stop Being Squeamish About Childbirth

3 March 2018, 17:57 | Updated: 4 March 2018, 05:25

Royal Blood - Natalie Lennard - Birth Undisturbed
Royal Blood - Natalie Lennard - Birth Undisturbed. Picture: Natalie Lennard

Beverley Turner says society needs to be less squeamish about pregnancy and childbirth.

It's as fine-art photographer Natalie Lennard has published a collection of photos entitled "Birth Undisturbed".

The graphic images show the reality of childbirth through history.

One of the more controversial images re-enacts the Queen giving birth to Prince Edward at Buckingham Palace in 1964.

Beverly says the images shouldn't be controversial, and should be encouraged to show the reality of pregnancy.