Camilla Tominey: People who send their children to private school are misunderstood

12 September 2021, 19:23

Camilla argues people who send kids to private schools 'misunderstood'

By Tim Dodd

This was Camilla Tominey's reaction to calls for University of Cambridge to take 93 per cent of students from state schools to become representative of society, as she defended people who send their kids to private school as "very misunderstood".

Camilla said: "I went to private school, but I often think the people who sent their children to private school are very misunderstood. My father was an NHS doctor, and scrimped and saved and put money on credit cards to send me to private school.

"We weren't these kids turning up in the back of a Bentley. It was a real effort on my parent's behalf to do it.

"I know what some private school parents are like. They might be turning up in rollers and having holidays to the Seychelles, but in my experience they're the vast minority.

"The vast majority of parents who send their children to private school have really grafted to do so."

Caller says private schools are an example of 'social engineering'

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"You might even say they're the kind of parents who take on a second job, and work on the radio to fund it," Camilla said in a humorous reference to herself.

Camilla then referred to a recent interview with Attorney General for England and Wales Suella Braverman, who was the "daughter of immigrant parents who didn't have anything".

"She got a partial scholarship to a private school. She wasn't in the kind of high-rolling category," Camilla said.

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