The UK Is Entering "Brexiternity" Of Negotiations With EU, Former Europe Minister Says

16 September 2018, 07:26

A former Minister for Europe says the UK is entering a "Brexiternity" of negotiations with the European Union that could last a decade.

Denis MacShane described Brexit as 'a plural' and said that he did not believe that anybody voted for a "full amputation" from Europe.

Speaking to Clive Bull, the former MP said he thinks "some kind of fudge will be found".

"Even if we leave the treaty, it's going to be an eternity of negotiations of the next 5 or 10 years.

"You and I will be very old men before this stupid Brexit thing is stopped, unless we have a big rethink in a new referendum."

Mr MacShane even offered a new nickname for the negotiation period, calling it a "Brexiternity".

More to follow.