Clive Bull Pressed Labour MP On What Their 'Shaky' Brexit Policy Actually Is

3 November 2019, 08:07 | Updated: 3 November 2019, 08:12

Wayne David, Shadow Defence Minister and Labour MP, tried to explain to Clive Bull what Labour want when it comes to Brexit.

Clive Bull said to Wayne David: So in terms of Brexit though, that must be something that people on the doorsteps are asking you about. As you say, you're a Leave constituency and Labour is accused of having a bit of a shaky policy on Brexit. Not quite clear. What is your policy, is it that there might be a Brexit?

David replied: "What we're saying is that the country is clearly divided, political parties are divided, Parliament is divided. What we want to do is negotiate a better deal and put that to the people alongside the option of Remain and allow the people to decide. People are saying 'fair enough, the country is divided, let's have another referendum and sort it out'.

Clive put it to him that is sounds like their policy is that "there might be a Brexit then."

David said: "People are beginning to recognise that what Boris Johnson is done is negotiated a right-wing Brexit which will harm their livelihoods."

Clive asked if he wanted a left-wing Brexit then.

Clive Bull Tries To Clarify With Labour MP What Their 'Shaky' Brexit Policy Actually Is
Clive Bull Tries To Clarify With Labour MP What Their 'Shaky' Brexit Policy Actually Is. Picture: LBC

David said he wanted a "fair Brexit put to the people".

Clive asked if he wanted a Brexit at all.

David replied: "Brexit might well be better than Remain but we have to see the details of a good Brexit. We haven't had a good Brexit offer yet."

He explained: "A Brexit which protects jobs, protects workers rights, protects the environment, protects consumers rights. It is possible to negotiate that with a progressive Labour government. On all those issues, the Conservatives have turned their backs or they're trying to do it. A negotiated Brexit that will suit their political agenda is all about helping the rich and the elites in our country, rather than helping you ordinary people."

Clive Bull said if you want all those protections, might it not be better to stay in the EU?

David said: "It might well be we have to see exactly what the negotiated deal is that Jeremy Corbyn has managed to negotiate on Brexit. That'll be for the country to decide."

Clive then asked about timing. He said, given that Corbyn would be seeking a new deal and then there would be a referendum on it, we'd "really be looking at no progress until next Summer."

David said: Let's recognise this fact, there's no need to have a general election now. The reason that Boris Johnson wanted to have a general election now was because he wasn't prepared to accept what Parliament is sayingon Brexit and Parliament may well have decided by Christmas to have a reasonable Brexit. But no, Boris Johnson want to weaponise the issue and try to get a political capital situation out of it. That's morally wrong. But that's the situation we're in.