"Corbyn's Gotta Do A Trump, Or Stand Down" Caller Tells Clive Bull

1 September 2018, 18:57 | Updated: 4 September 2018, 14:52

A caller said that Jeremy Corbyn needs to "do a Trump" if he is to stand a chance of becoming Prime Minister.

A caller said that he thought the Labour leader ought to "do a Trump" or stand down as critics suggest he won't become Prime Minister after his handling of the anti-semitism row.

James told Clive Bull that Jeremy Corbyn "has to pretend he's not centrist".

He said: "He's not coming out and speaking, he doesn't come out and give interviews."

Clive said: "He seems to be hiding."

James continued: "Yes, if you're a socialist, you've got to come out and give a reason why people might have an apetite for socialism.

"Maybe he hasn't got any news?" Clive asked.

"He's gotta do a Trump, or he's got to stand down," James said.