"I find out over video my daughter has cancer while Dominic Cummings drives to Durham"

24 May 2020, 20:56

"I find out over video my daughter has cancer while Dominic Cummings drives to Durham"

By Fiona Jones

This is the harrowing story of a caller whose daughter had to tell her over FaceTime that she had breast cancer because "she had integrity not to break lockdown" - all the while Dominic Cummings "drove from one end of the country to another."

Christina from Pontefract is a 72 year old grandmother and told LBC she was "really really outraged" at the Prime Minister's defence of senior aide Dominic Cummings in Sunday's press briefing after reports he flouted lockdown rules repeatedly.

"My daughter has just rung me up in tears because during the time that we were in lockdown...my daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer and she had to let me know over FaceTime," Christina said.

"She wanted to come and hug her mum and dad and her instincts were to come and see us but she didn't. And she has a six year old little boy who I also needed to hug but we didn't, we did it by the rules because we have got integrity.

"I think Boris Johnson has just let the people of this country down," she said, telling LBC's Clive Bull the rules might as well have been a "free for all" with people forgetting there is a pandemic.

Boris Johnson stands behind Dominic Cummings amid scandal

"Thousands and thousands of people have died and we have all done our bit and stayed at home. Even through harrowing circumstances. And my daughter's not through by a long way yet," Christina said.

She said her daughter had to fight for an injection during this pandemic while "that man drives from one end of the country to another and talk about childcare - not even thinking of his parents."

Clive told the caller that reports said he stayed separate to his parents, to which Christina pointed out he could have stayed separate to his parents in London.

Christina was also appalled at the actions of Mr Cummings' journalist wife, Mary Wakefield, who wrote a detailed piece of her experiences being on lockdown in London, which "never existed."