Former Irish Diplomat Tells LBC The UK Is Holding Up Brexit

6 August 2019, 20:23

Former Irish diplomat Dr Jennifer Cassidy has told LBC that the UK is holding things up when it comes to Brexit.

She said she was speaking reluctantly and that it had been three years of her becoming "less diplomatic," she said she left "for a reason" so she could "speak on these things."

Dr Cassidy said that Michael Gove's statement form Tuesday morning was "so infuriating." Mr Gove has accused the EU of refusing to negotiate.

But the former diplomat did not agree, she said that the EU had been the "only people who that have been clear in all this" she also said the European Union have "remained consistent."

Clive Bull was speaking to a former Irish Diplomat
Clive Bull was speaking to a former Irish Diplomat. Picture: LBC

She told Clive Bull that although she was a remainder, she was "critical of a number of issued with the EU."

She accused Mr Gove of standing and almost "gaslight what has happened," she said it was "almost too much to listen to."

Critical of Boris Johnson, Dr Cassidy said the UK was failing to realise that dropping the back stop, is like "drop the peace process," she said it was not simple but "violence that has ravaged generations."

While she said she was "way to predict things" the former Irish diplomat did say she believed Boris Johnson has "built a career on saying whatever he needs to say when he needs to say it."

She said that messages coming from the UK government were mixed, and "very confusing both for the EU leaders" and anyone wishing to negotiate.

Questioning if it was just a tactic Dr Cassidy noted one statement made by Michael Gove.

Watch the whole expert exchange in the video at the top of the page to find out what comment made by Michael Gove she chose to highlight.