Housing Caller Leaves Clive Bull In Hysterics

26 June 2018, 09:53

Clive Bull was left in stitches by this caller who argued the housing market should be left alone to fix itself.

A caller who argued his stance on private landlords left Clive Bull lost for words when he said the presenter would double house prices in his area.

Nigel in Chadwell Heath said: "The problem is if you push the housing market one way, it just pokes out in another.

"The best thing is to leave it alone, and let the market talk."

Clive replied: "You can't leave it alone, that's why the market failed."

Clive Bull
Picture: LBC

Nigel told Clive: "If [people] are prepared to put up with what they don't really want, but what they need, then you'll find much of this problem disappears.

But the LBC presenter disagreed: "No it wouldn't, there's still not enough homes."

"We can't all move to Chadwell Heath," he said.

Nigel replied: "Why not? My dear Clive, if you come to Chadwell Heath, your presence alone will double the prices."