Green Party Peer Reluctantly Chooses Jeremy Corbyn Over Boris Johnson To Win Early General Election

25 August 2019, 19:24

When Clive Bull asks Green Party peer Jenny Jones who she'd prefer to win an early election between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn, her answer didn't exactly win a ringing endorsement.

Jenny Jones described the Prime Minister as "appalling" after having watched him 'closely' during his time as Mayor of London.

"He has people around him presumably who are floating loads of ideas and he's just grabbing the odd one and putting it out there," she said.

But when asked whether she would prefer him to a Jeremy Corbyn government, she struggled to answer.

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn
Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn. Picture: PA

But when Clive asked if in the case of an early general election who she would prefer to lead the country between Mr Johnson and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, Ms Jones reluctantly chose the latter.

"Oh god is that really the choice?" she asked.

"I guess I'd have to say Jeremy Corbyn," she said.

"At least he has some understanding of what democracy is all about and Boris absolutely doesn't, he's being a mini-Trump and I think he's going to make a terrible mess of it."

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