Clive Bull Tells Leave Means Leave's Richard Tice March 29th Rally "Will Be Too Late"

4 March 2019, 11:01

Clive Bull tells the co-chair of Leave Means Leave that his 'long walk' to protest Brexit betrayal will be "too late"

Speaking to Clive Bull, the businessman and Leave Means Leave campaigner said: "Despite two and a half years, parliament really hasn't made much progress at all.

"We've got two options that are likely to happen, both of which represent a betrayal of Brexit."

But when addressing his protest march from Sunderland to London, which ends on March 29th, Clive Bull told Richard Tice the action was not soon enough as it falls on the day the UK is due to leave the European Union.

"By March 29th, if the deal is done then it will be too late," Clive said.

Leave Means Leave campaign co-chair Richard Tice
Leave Means Leave campaign co-chair Richard Tice. Picture: Getty

When Clive asked whether Mr Tice would be walking the whole route himself, he replied: "We will be walking significant parts of it, we will be sharing the load with other leaders of the campaign.

Clive responded: "But you won't be doing the whole march?"

Mr Tice said: "No, but we'll be sharing the load so everyone can get involved.

"We've got 14 different legs of the route.

Clive said: "So you'll do one or two of them?"

Mr Tice replied: "We're looking at the diary and working out who's doing what amongst the leaders."