The Pioppi Diet: A Simple Way To Make Your Life Healthier In 21 Days

8 August 2018, 12:46

A doctor has told LBC the simple changes everyone can make to their lives to become healthier in just 21 days.

Dr Aseem Malhotra is a cardiologist and created a diet based upon a village in Italy called Pioppi known as the world's healthiest village.

He talked Clive Bull about the small changes you can make to your lifestyle to avoid problems such as heart disease, type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure and diabetes.

1) Do some moderate exercise

"There are no gyms in the village of Pioppi. They just walk everywhere. If you look at all the places in the world where people live to 100, they don't run or go to gyms. They are just outside and constantly moving. Moderate activity such as walking is the best thing you can do to avoid heart disease."

2) Cut out sugar

"Avoid processed foods, but quitting sugar is probably the most important thing you can do."

3) Embrace fat

"This includes butter and cheese. We say the base fat should be extra virgin olive oil. Across Mediterranean countries, there is a very strong link between the consumption of extra virgin olive oil and good health."

Mediterranean vegetables
Mediterranean vegetables. Picture: Getty

4) Ensure you get seven hours of sleep

"Sleep is so important for your body. Social media before you go to bed is not good for your brain. Switch off all social media for two hours before you go to bed. Don't look at these blue lights, they interfere with brain activity and are not healthy."

5) Avoid stress

"You know if you're stressed. If you are, do some meditation. Find 10 minutes in your day to do some deep breathing. It's very impactful."

Dr Aseem Malhotra in the LBC studio
Dr Aseem Malhotra in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

6) Get involved in your community

"We have a loss of community and increasing rates of depression. In Pioppi, they have a strong sense of community. Everyone knows each other. We can learn from them."

7) It's never too late

"It doesn't take long to change your lifestyle and improve your health. You can really do it in 21 days."