Tory MP: Boris Johnson "Will Not Fail" In Delivering Brexit By October 31st

21 July 2019, 18:56

Tory MP and Boris Johnson supporter insists the former Foreign Secretary will be able to deliver Brexit by October 31st.

Speaking to Clive Bull, the Boris Johnson supporter warned politicians not to "drag the monarchy" into the Brexit debate or force a Prime Minister to have to choose between the 'will of the people' or "a bunch of rebels in Parliament who just won't accept that they lost".

Mr Rosindell said: "They should with grace accept that we're leaving and I think the whole country will breathe a sigh of relief when we do."

But when Clive put to him that Boris Johnson should resign if he fails to deliver Brexit by the end of October, he said the former Foreign Secretary was "not going to fail".

"Boris is a popular man, I think he's popular everywhere, I think people want to give him a good chance and he's there for the right reason and wants to get this done," he said.

"He's patriotic, he loves his country and he doesn't want to see Britain humiliated by Brussels anymore.

"I think the British people will get behind him and I think he will get Brexit done and I think we're going to look back in a years time and we'll say 'jolly good job we did that because Britain's booming'."

Tory MP Andrew Rosindell
Tory MP Andrew Rosindell. Picture: LBC

Clive said: "And if he doesn't, he will have failed?"

Mr Rosindell replied: "If other people trip him up, if other people try to force a situation where by he's desperately trying to do it but they put mechanisms in his way to stop him, that's not his fault.

Clive said: "That's what Theresa May said."

Mr Rosindell said: "Quite the opposite, Theresa May chose to extend it not one, but twice. Boris is making it clear he will not renege, he will follow through and be true to his word."

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