Clive Bull Turns American Caller's Argument On Its Head In Row Over UK-US Relations

13 July 2019, 19:28

Clive Bull turned this American caller's argument back on itself after saying the British ambassador 'tripped up'.

Gregory in Michigan said it was wrong and improper for Sir Kim Darroch to describe the Trump administration as "inept" or "uniquely dysfunctional" in emails that were later leaked to the media.

The caller told the LBC presenter the diplomat should have learned from the Hilary Clinton email fiasco and should have been careful in case the content of his communications was leaked.

But when Clive said it was not the way to run a government, Gregory said the ambassador "tripped".

British ambassador Sir Kim Darroch
British ambassador Sir Kim Darroch. Picture: Getty

"I am very careful in what I write, I would never have written what the ambassador wrote," he said, adding "Trump is who Trump is".

Clive replied: "If you say he is what he is and you have to deal with that, it implies he is a little bit different - isn't it the job of the ambassador to say that?"

Gregory agreed, adding he should have been diplomatic.

Clive said: "He might be diplomatic in public, but do you have to be diplomatic in a confidential government email?"

Gregory answered: "Well it's not confidential, is it? It's in the newspaper!"

Clive Bull in the LBC studio
Clive Bull in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

As Gregory tried to explain why Sir Kim should have been 'more professional', he revealed he was a registered supported of the Brexit Party.

"You have to go forward from this problem," he said. "We have to be more professional in the 21st century.

"I'm a person from history [sic], I have all the books on Winston Churchill, I love England, but I just had to call to say a couple of things are wrong.

"I'm a paid member [sic] of the Brexit Party because I want England to be what it used to be before the EU."

Clive said: "You're a paid member of the Brexit Party?"

Correcting himself to registered supporter, Gregory said he paid his "65 or 25 dollars or whatever it was because I wanted England to come back from the EU".

"I want England to be what it was or greater, as far as the trade goes."

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