This Caller Insists Sharp Rise In Violent Crime Is Down To Poverty

8 June 2018, 07:43

This caller to Darren Adam insisted that the reason violent crime is rocketing is because of the increase in poverty in Britain.

Levi in Camden claimed that people who can't afford to feed their families are resorting to mugging people to get money.

But Darren left him in no uncertain terms why he was wrong.

Darren told him: "I can't get on board with the idea that it's ever any kind of excuse for the sort of criminality that we see, that poverty could ever be responsible for killing someone."

Darren Adam in the LBC studio
Darren Adam in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

Levi asked Darren if he would steal baked beans if he was skint and hungry, but Darren hit back: "Yes, but I might not kill someone for it."

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