"I Totally Disagree With You, Dear!": LBC Callers Clash On Over-75s' Free TV Licences

21 November 2018, 06:35 | Updated: 21 November 2018, 06:36

This is the moment when two LBC callers got into a furious battle of the generations on whether young people lose out because of benefits given to the elderly.

Jake called Darren Adam to complain that young generations lose out because older people get too many hand-outs - like the free TV licence for over 75s, which the BBC are considering scrapping.

TV Licence
The BBC are considering scrapping the free TV licence given to over 75s. Picture: Press Association

Helen was so angry that she called in to set Jake straight, telling him to "wait until you get to my age" and that she believes that older people are actually treated unfairly.

Jake replied "I totally disagree with you, dear!"

Darren Adam in shock at Jake calling Helen "dear"
Darren couldn't hide his shock when Jake called Helen "dear". Picture: LBC

Darren was shocked at Jake having "dropped the d-bomb", and the row went on from there.

The LBC host agreed that young people "are treated absolutely dreadfully", but asked "why do we have to address the concerns of one generation at the expense of the other?"