Darren Adam's Blistering Defence Of The Homeless

1 February 2017, 08:07 | Updated: 1 February 2017, 08:09

Darren Adam

When a listener told Darren Adam that homeless people need to "get a job", a passionate Darren Adam put him in his place.

Darren was discussing homelessness on his LBC show after a Currys PC World Shop in Wrexham put up a sign saying "Attention Tramps – stop looking for valuables in our bins and start looking for a job."

When he complained that people seem to think of homeless people as vermin, a caller suggested he would prefer pigeons in an area than homeless people.

That made Darren angry.

He said: "As if the people rifling through the bins haven't had the idea that maybe they would like to have a job.

"As if somehow they haven't thought to themselves it will be a little bit easier to go for a job if I had a roof over my head in the first place.

"Come on."

Watch his passionate rant above.