Darren Dismantles "Identity Politics" With One Brilliant Point

5 December 2016, 09:50 | Updated: 5 December 2016, 10:04

Darren Adam

Darren Adam brilliantly dismantled the notion that voters should back a candidate with similar characteristics.

"Identity Politics" is the recent idea that voters will side with the person who is most similar to them. That led to the incorrect assumption that most women would back Hillary Clinton in the US Election.

Darren proved how ridiculous this notion is with one brilliant point.

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: "I really wanted Hillary Clinton to win. I wanted the 'Not Donald Trump' to win the election.

"I was always a little bit uncomfortable with this idea that women should vote for Hillary Clinton because she was a woman. No. Vote for Hillary Clinton because she's not the crazy, orange, racist baby. That's a good reason to vote for Hillary Clinton.

"Vote for Hillary Clinton because you think she's the best candidate, that would be a good reason as well.

"Don't feel that you should have to vote for her because she's got the same shape of genitals as you.

"I'm gay myself and I would never vote for a candidate simply because they were gay.

"I don't wait excitedly for the day the first gay Prime Minsiter is elected in this country. Because he or she might be absolutely terrible. They might be the worst Prime Minister we've ever had.

"The fact that this person might share the same sexual orientation as me is absolutely no reason for me to mark a cross next to his or her name."