Darren’s Strong Message To Woman Scared To Vote On Thursday

5 June 2017, 10:18 | Updated: 5 June 2017, 10:29

One listener said she was scared about going to the polling station on Thursday because of recent terror attacks. Darren urged her to fight the fear to stop the terrorists winning.

Sue sent Darren a message saying: “it has made me uncertain about going to vote as I think the polling stations might be attacked. It makes me a coward but that's how I feel tonight.”

Darren had some words of reassurance: “Sue, I don't think it makes you a coward.

“I think that the possibility of you, Sue, being caught up in a terrorist incident on polling day are vanishingly tiny. I hope of course that the risk is absolutely zero.”

He then went on to say why it was so important for her to not give into fear and try to keep some perspective.

“The idea that someone might feel cowed, scared, frightened into not exercising their right to cast a vote on election day, in a way that's more terrifying than anything. In a way that's more terrifying than feeling scared to go to a pub in a Saturday night with friends and drink a pint of beer.

“That terrorists would be able to, through that the raising of fear, persuade people to terrorise them into not exercising their democratic right to select an MP and a government, that's more terrifying than anything.

“You might want to just reflect on the actual risk again and decide whether it's something that you want to succumb to.”