Knowing Bercow Voted Remain Changes Nothing, Insists Darren Adam

13 February 2017, 07:50

Darren Adam

Knowing that John Bercow voted for Remain in the EU referendum doesn't change his ability to do his job, insists Darren Adam.

After it was revealed that he told students he voted to stay in the EU, a caller told him that has been public knowledge in his constituency for months.

Lisa in Buckingham told Darren that he revealed how he voted at a local event last year - and that caused no controversy at all.

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: "I don't see why it has caused a fuss. I can't imagine why it's worse for us in any way to know how John Bercow voted - past tense, historically - back in June.

"We cannot sit here and pretend he didn't have an opinion, we cannot sit here and pretend he hadn't, in his own mind, internally weighed up the options, leave, remain, what's the best thing for this country?

"If we assume he had an opinion, why is it worse for us to now know what that opinion was, how he voted?

"He's not the Queen, he's not a robot. It's perfectly reasonable to reveal how he voted and for us not to completely lose our mind over it."

Darren says that's how it should be now and he should just be left to get on with his job.