Sir Ed Davey Delights LBC Listener Who Was Brought To Tears By Lib Dem By-Election Victory

2 August 2019, 10:42

Liberal Democrat MP Sir Ed Davey delighted this LBC listener who had tears of joy after hearing the party defeated the Tories in the Brecon by-election.

A caller who was brought to tears by the Lib Dem victory was delighted when Sir Ed Davey came on the line to say hello.

The former leadership candidate, who was beaten by Jo Swinson as Sir Vince Cable's successor, was celebrating the party's win in Brecon with their new MP Jane Dodds.

Jackie told Sir Ed that she wanted the country to "respect the referendum" but to find a way for both sides to "have a meeting of minds".

The Lib Dem told her she was "right" and it's "one of the reasons why the Liberal Democrats have said that the only way to solve this is to take it back to the people".

"We need a democratic resolution of this," he said.

"Parliament has failed, the Conservatives have been fighting amongst themselves for three years, Jeremy Corbyn has been backing Brexit and says if he was in government we would have a Labour Brexit.

"So much has happened in the last three years, Parliament's been unable to make a decision on it and we've learned an awful lot more - far more than we did a few years ago.

"And let's remember Boris Johnson himself said we would Brexit and Britain would stay in the single market, how has he changed his views?

"I think people are saying there has been a 'Boris bounce', but I have to say we've punctured it tonight."

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