'I just don't understand it': David Lammy implores a caller to whistleblow on those cheating the benefits system

1 May 2023, 15:49

David Lammy urges caller: 'whistleblow' on those 'cheating' the system

By Georgina Greer

This caller tells David Lammy of his experience with those "cheating the system" as David urges them to "whistleblow".

Mohammed from Derby spoke to David Lammy on Monday, claiming he knew people who were "fraudulently" claiming benefits.

The conversation comes as new estimates show that £19bn in benefits have not been claimed, according to consultancy Policy in Practice.

Mohammed said: "It angers me...these people they're doing both, they're working full time and claiming benefits."

David asked him: "How can they get away with it?"

Mohammed suggested some solutions in reponse: "I think the government can be a bit more strict, maybe review these ongoing claims and randomly select certain payments and go through all of their paperwork and make sure it's up to scratch."

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David exclaimed: "The thing is you can whistleblow on people who are working and claiming benefits...it's simple to call people out who are cheating the system, I just don't understand it."

Mohammed responded: "There's something inside you that makes you feel like you'll be a grass if you did.

"It's a taboo thing isn't it."

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Mohammed then elaborated on someone he knows who is working both a full-time and part-time job alongside claiming benefits, saying they have been doing this for "ten to fifteen years."

He continued: "It just makes you think hold on a minute, how can you do this?"

David implored him: "Mohammed can you please call the number and whistleblow on this individual...they're making the system a lot worse for everybody else, they really really are."