David Lammy praises Nicola Sturgeon's resignation speech

15 February 2023, 14:09 | Updated: 15 February 2023, 14:17

David Lammy reacts to Nicola Sturgeon's resignation speech

By Abbie Reynolds

"Dignified, confident, articulate," is how David Lammy described the - now-former - First Minister of Scotland's speech, as she steps away from her role.

On Wednesday Nicola Sturgeon announced that she is resigning from the role of First Minister of Scotland, in a last-minute press conference held in Edinburgh.

"She left as she arrived in politics - on her own terms", David Lammy said of Nicola Sturgeon's decision to leave her role after being the leader of the Scottish National Party since Alex Salmond stepped down in 2014.

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Acknowledging the "historic day", David described Ms Sturgeon's resignation speech as a "very dignified, confident, articulate performance".

As a sitting Labour MP, he went on to describe his relationship with the former SNP leader: "We became close during the second referendum campaign, after the Brexit vote we worked a lot together in those years, and we happen to share a birthday."

David said her speech made in Scotland was the "most polished" resignation speech he had heard.

Nicola Sturgeon announces plan to resign

He continued, saying: "She talked about no privacy in the top job which is something I completely recognise... she also suggested that the job is not all about ego, it's not all about individuals it has to be about the issues.

"And you got a tone that of the most recent debates she felt, in fact, that she got in the way - as a dominant individual in Scottish politics - of the ability to have a more measured debate with less light than heat," David said reflecting on the recent trans row which began with her Gender Reform Bill.

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David ended his reaction by saying this is "clearly a moment of deep reflection" for not only Scotland but the entire country.