Brexiter Caller Can't Support Argument For UK To Leave "Without A Solution" For Irish Border

13 July 2019, 18:34

A caller who insisted the UK should leave the EU without a solution to the Irish border struggled to back up his argument when Ian Payne asked one simple question: What happens the day after Brexit?

Mike said that the UK needs to send a message to the European Union that "we're leaving without a solution" to the Irish border at the end of October.

"They're going to have to accept that we are independent of them and they're going to have to get round it themselves," Mike said.

But when Ian Payne asked what happens the day after October 31st, his caller became stuck.

"I really don't understand," Mike said.

He added: "If they want a wall, then that's up to them, we don't want a wall."

Watch in full above.