Labour MP Welcomes Second Referendum But Admits Brexit Delay Would Be Necessary

3 March 2019, 18:26 | Updated: 3 March 2019, 18:28

Labour MP Chris Bryant believes that there is not enough time to pass legislation for any solution to the Brexit deadlock and that a delay to leaving the EU is necessary.

Speaking to Ian Payne, the former Europe Minister said that holding a second referendum was "not feasible" by the end of March, nor is it feasible "to get the law in place" for no-deal Brexit or leaving on Theresa May's deal.

Mr Bryant said: "You've got seven pieces of legislation and absolutely no chance of getting it through because we've delayed so long.

"My anxiety is that there isn't a proper deal even on the table, so I will vote against what the Prime Minister is bringing forward and thereafter we have to decide what we're going to do."

He added that he welcomed the idea of a second Brexit vote, saying: "The whole country should have a chance to vote on it again" and that it would be a choice between remaining in the European Union on the existing terms or to "leave under the terms the Prime Minister has secured".

Labour MP Chris Bryant
Labour MP Chris Bryant. Picture: PA

His comments come after Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn announced that his party would back a second referendum in order to avoid leaving the European Union without a deal.

But former minister and Labour MP Caroline Flint suggested that up to 70 MPs from the party could vote against calling another vote in Parliament.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell hinted that his party could whip MPs to vote to support the referendum, but admitted that MPs also need to respect their constituency interests.