Caller Tells Ian Payne: 'Coward Commissioner' Made The Right Decision

13 October 2018, 17:17

The police commissioner hailed as a coward for hiding in his car during the Westminster attack made the "right decision", this caller believes.

Sir Craig Mackey has faced calls for his knighthood to be taken off him after failing to help PC Keith Palmer when he was stabbed in the Westminster attack last year.

The police chief told the inquest into the attack that he locked himself in his car when he saw Khalid Masood attack the police officer outside the Houses of Parliament.

The deputy commissioner has faced repeated calls for his resignation and his knighthood stripped after telling the inquest how he came to witness the attack.

But one caller to buck the trend believes that the then-acting commissioner made the right decision.

Paul told Ian Payne: "Given the difficult decision he had to make, two civilians alongside him, and with all the armed police in the very close area, he by a margin made the right decision.

"He may have only confused the situation by when they recognise his ranks by not knowing what to do."