Father Of Girl Groomed By Drugs Gang Says She May Have Made More Money Than Him

5 July 2019, 15:29 | Updated: 5 July 2019, 15:59

A caller whose daughter was groomed when she was 12 years old says drug running for gangs can see teenagers making more money than their parents.

Kevin began his conversation with Ian Payne to say he believes knife-crime is a result of children refusing to sell drugs for gangs.

Ian said: "I've often thought that there is a direct correlation between county lines drug running and this explosion of knife-crime."

Kevin explained that young boys and girls who refuse to sell drugs are attacked, raped, and bullied.

"When they get their money, they're making more money than their parents - my daughter was making more money than me and said that if I need more money then she could help me," he said.

Kevin said his own daughter who was groomed by a gang when she was 12-years-old.

"Where we've reached now is that they attacked her and took her virginity.

"I am totally angry because these guys know what they're doing and have let us know that they can't be arrested."

Kevin suggested sending undercover teenagers into the drugs rings in order to identify remove the suppliers from the situation.

But Ian replied: "I don't think, Kevin, that the law would allow a prosecution if somebody as young as that was used as bait."