Homeless Woman Says She Wouldn't Give To Aggressive Beggars

17 February 2018, 18:15

Tina, who has been on the streets for seven months, phoned in to talk about her experience living on the streets, she said that when her daughter left she started being charged the bedroom tax which led to her living on the streets.

Tina said that she was not a beggar who asks for money, she "just sits there with my dog and my blanket."

But, she said that "there are an awful lot of aggressive beggars" and they ruin it for people like Tina who only wants a "cup of coffee and a dinner."

She said that there are people who are legitimately homeless and you "can't blame them for what they are doing."

Ian asked what was the best case scenario for Tina, she explained that she would like help with her "mental health."

She said that she didn't want people to give up begging but admitted that she wouldn't give money to an aggressive beggar and that she would rather a cup of tea or food.

She finished by saying that "no one chooses to live on the streets, I just got into debt."

Homelessnes continues to be a problem across the UK
Homelessnes continues to be a problem across the UK. Picture: LBC