Caller Says If You Live In Britain You Should See Yourself As British

11 February 2017, 16:21 | Updated: 11 February 2017, 17:58

Ian Payne Spoke To An Opinionated Caller

This caller believes that if you live in Britain you "should be loyal" to Britain and call yourself British. Ian Payne disagreed.

An Iraqi man, who has lived in the UK for 20 years, phoned into Ian Payne's Saturday afternoon LBC show to say he disagrees with Trump's travel ban and Britain's handling of the Iraq war.

But the next caller wasn't impressed and told Ian that the man should be more "loyal". 

When Ian asked the caller what he thought of Trump's travel ban, the man said: "I just think it's the right thing to do. I think your previous caller demonstrates exactly why that's the case.

"He's been here over 20 years and he still considers himself an Iraqi."

Ian replied: "That's fair enough isn't it? He is Iraqi. Just because he lives here doesn't mean he has to be British."

The caller said: "Well not after 20 years? Is he ever going to go back to Iraq? 

Ian continued: "You can be an Iraqi living in Britain, why do you have to be British? That's a crazy argument."

The caller went on: "Is he ever going to return to Iraq?...He's not loyal to the country that's given him aid and shelter, isn't that part of the issue that Donald Trump is trying to address?...How can he be loyal to Britain if he calls himself an Iraqi?"

The pair went on to have quite the debate on the subject. Watch below.