Tory MP Tell LBC America Is "Really Keen" To "Get On" With Making Post-Brexit Trade Deal

30 July 2019, 08:00

Tory MP Nigel Evans tells LBC he was talking to American politicians who are "really keen" to get on with making a post-Brexit trade deal.

Mr Evans said he had met with "three Republican Congressmen" who were visiting the UK, he said they are "really keen" to get on with making a deal with the UK.

The Conservative MP said Liz Truss met with the US Ambassador to the UK on Monday, and is set to visit Washington DC to "talk to the negotiating team on behalf of President Trump."

He said the deal with the USA is not only important for the "trade we're going to expand" but also "the growth in trade between America and the United Kingdom is going to lead to leverage with the European Union.

"Who are going to look aghast at the fact, all of a sudden, a number of countries including America, one of the jewels in crown, want to do a deal with Britain."

Watch the whole speech in the video at the top of the page.