Nigel Farage divided the country like William the Conqueror, says caller

27 December 2019, 12:45 | Updated: 27 December 2019, 12:47

This furious caller explained why Nigel Farage should never receive a knighthood.

"That man has done more to divide Britain right down the middle since William the Conquerer," said the caller, Geoff in Munich, "he's put the union at risk, so much descension, so much fear in half the population.

He continued that fear has also been put in "our friends who come over from mainland Europe and work in valued areas in the United Kingdom, also ex-patriots. And there's a reward for that, Sir? You might as well give it to the Milky Bar Kid at least he's done more to serve security for the people in Britain."

Ian countered that, "Even though what he's done is momentous and changed the course of history, you still think he shouldn't receive it because you disagree with what he's done?"

"Because her has not brought the country together," said Geoff, "there are going to be decades and decades of people who are never going to forgive him."

Ian pointed out that Oswald Moseley received a knighthood, "Now we look back and think 'disgusting Nazi', at the time people thought 'anti-Communist, we like that'."

The caller said, "If a politician points a finger at a certain group of people and says these people are responsible for your misery, for your poverty, for your problems, then people will line up behind him, and that has been done all the way through history.

"There is nothing that anybody should feel proud of, the way Nigel Farage has behaved."