Sir Anthony Seldon: The Monarchy Will Not Want To Get Involved With Brexit

10 August 2019, 19:04

Political historian and author Sir Anthony Seldon tells LBC the Monarchy will not want to get drawn into politics

Speaking to Ian Payne, Sir Anthony said: "The Queen has survived throughout her reign - the longest Monarch in British history - by not getting drawn into political matters and at this time the country is more politicised than since the Second World War, the last thing the Monarch will want to do is to try and help the politicians sort out the mess.

"The Palace will say 'thank you very much' and just kick the ball straight back to them and say 'Westminster you sort it out'."

It comes as Buckingham Palace is said to be in talks with Downing Street about how to keep the Queen out of the looming constitutional crisis over Brexit.

The UK's most senior civil servant, Sir Mark Sedwill, and the Queen's Private Secretary, Edward Young, have spoken in the last few days about the increasing calls for Her Majesty to step in.

The Queen with Prime Minister Boris Johnson
The Queen with Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Picture: Getty

But when Ian asked whether the Queen could be forced to play a role in Brexit, Sir Anthony said it was 'theoretically possible', but an unlikely situation.

"Queen Elizabeth, who has served since 1952, without ever being drawn into political discussion because that immediately alienates some of the nation," he said.

"She has kept her popularity, she's going to be thinking about the popularity of the Monarchy as she hands it over when she dies to her son, she's not going to hand over a Monarchy that has sided with one side or the other in this most bitter of all disputes.

"Yes theoretically you're right, but in practical terms I just can not see Buckingham Palace in any way doing anything else other than saying 'over to you, you sort it out'."

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