Angry Brexiteer Believes 'Remainiacs' Should Not Be Considered At All

8 July 2018, 17:25 | Updated: 8 July 2018, 18:25

An angry Brexiteer believes that there should be no consideration for people who voted to stay in the European Union in Theresa May's Brexit plan.

Kevin said that since Article 50 was put into action, "we have seen nothing short of a traitorous betrayal by those who fail to succeed when the referendum took place."

"I call them Remainiacs," he said.

He told Ian Payne that the "condemnation of those who voted for whatever reason to leave the European Union has been utterly disrespectful."

Kevin also said that there should be "no consideration" for Remainers.

"There was a vote, and it's a binary decision.

"And that's it."

Ian challenged the Brexiteer's viewpoint, noting that the result was not a 70-30 split, but much closer to 50-50.

The LBC presenter said: "It is that important, and it will affect every single person who lives in this country and beyond.

"We must take into consideration the population as a whole.

"You are effectively saying to half the population you're not going to get anything you want.

"We must have a moderate Brexit."

Ian Payne
Picture: LBC

"If we live in a democracy, the rules are simple.

It's 50-50, 51 wins and 49 doesn't.

I'm sorry to categorise it as win/lose, because I don't actually want to do that, but it was quite clear and we voted to leave."

Watch the heated exchange in the video at the top of the page.