Devastated student refused place at university despite mock exam reassurance

16 August 2020, 12:59

Caller got A*AA in her mocks but LSE will not offer her a place

By Seán Hickey

This A-level student was enraged that her chosen university wouldn't accept her mock results, despite the government saying they could be used instead of A-level results.

Zara phoned in and told Ian Payne that before this week's disastrous grading fiasco, she had been offered a place at LSE.

The student shared her shock when the university told her that she wouldn't be allowed to start in September because of her grades awarded by the A-level algorithm.

"I couldn't believe it, because in my mocks I got A*AA," Zara told Ian.

She was furious with the University's decision, especially after government advice states that mock results can be used instead of A-levels.

"It's all a lie," she said.

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The dejected student told Ian that the university "just disregarded all my hard work from throughout the year."

She told fellow students listening to email their local MPs. "We have to put pressure on the government."

She said that unless her MP can resolve the situation, she has "no university to go to."

Ian promised to try get in touch with Zara's local MP, John McDonnell to resolve the situation if she couldn't reach him herself.

"You're exactly the kind of person he'd want to help," Ian said.