Tory Peer Tells LBC She Won't Campaign for Boris Johnson In An Election

12 August 2019, 23:19 | Updated: 13 August 2019, 07:18

A Conservative peer told LBC she "would find it very difficult to campaign for Boris Johnson" in an election which she says the PM is "definitely getting ready for".

Baroness Patience Wheatcroft, who has sat in the House of Lords since 2010, explained to Ian Payne that she "doesn't agree with a lot of things [Johnson] is promising", including "taking Britain out of the EU with no deal".

She added that "would campaign against" what she described as "a totally disastrous strategy".

Baroness Patience Wheatcroft and Boris Johnson
Baroness Patience Wheatcroft with Boris Johnson. Picture: PA

The Tory peer also took aim at her party's leader over his new justice policies.

After Mr Johnson pledged to ensure violent and sexual offenders spend more time in prison, Baroness Wheatcroft accused him of "pandering to the far-right".

Ian argued that wanting violent criminals to spend longer behind bars and wanting more police on our streets is in line with wider public opinion rather than that of the far-right - but Baroness Wheatcroft denied this.

She replied that Britain's prisons "don't improve" the people kept inside them, "so of course, they reoffend".