Woman Told To "Go Home" By Lord Tells Her Story To Ian Payne

15 December 2018, 18:27

The woman who a member of the House of Lords told to "go home" said she was shocked by the politicians' comments.

Labour MP Tulip Siddiq tweeted that her black friend was told at an event in Parliament that she should "go back home" if she doesn't like the government.

Ava, who was born in Belgium, has been living in the UK since she was 13-years-old.

She told Ian Payne that she was shocked by the Lords' remark during a discussion about Brexit.

"I was in a conversation with two gentlemen, one of them was a Lord," she said.

"Everyone was talking about Brexit, it was just the talk of the whole room and I mentioned that I am an EU citizen and had lived in the UK since i was 13, and I never really felt the need to apply for a British passport.

"I mentioned that I was now going to apply, and then made a comparison to the Windrush Generation and the assurances they they were given the right to remain in the UK, and that look how that turned out.

"And then he replied to me 'if you're critical of the government, and you really don't trust the government, why don't you just go home'?"