'Outrageous' government wants to cut 'lifeline £20 Universal Credit uplift'

1 September 2021, 14:51 | Updated: 1 September 2021, 14:52

Caller on Universal Credit says without it they won't manage

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

This desperate caller told LBC of her fears she would not be able to live if her £20 Universal Credit uplift is cut.

Anna from Camden told LBC's Julie Etchningham that she works full time and is on the benefit, and without it she "wouldn't be able to survive."

Branding the £20 a week uplift "an absolute lifeline," the caller said it was "outrageous" the government was planning on slashing the benefit when they spent so much on "track and trace contracts."

"They seem to have a magic money tree when it comes to that, but when it comes to actually helping working people who are just trying to survive in a deadly pandemic it's a problem."

Julie said Anna's point was important, highlighting the fact she was claiming Universal Credit while working full time.

The caller said this meant she was able to survive and live in London as she called for a "living wage."

"It enables me to eat, and have a roof over my head," the caller said.

When Julie asked how she would live without the extra cash the heartbreaking answer was that if the money was taken away she would live in a state of "perpetual insecurity."

The conversation comes after the Work and Pensions Secretary resisted calls from politicians in each of the four UK nations to keep the £20 a week increase to Universal Credit.

Universal Credit uplift 'always meant to be temporary,' Rishi Sunak

Therese Coffey says it's right to focus on supporting people back into work now the economy's recovering.

The uplift was introduced as a temporary measure during the coronavirus pandemic, and is due to be phased out from late September.