51% Of America Is A "Little Nutty" The Rest Of Us Want Gun Control Says American

17 February 2018, 11:57

John, an American living in Oxford rang in to say that "most rational American's are disgusted an appalled" by the mass shootings which continue to affect America.

He said that blaming mental health was merely a "talking point" to distract from meaningful gun control.

John said that it is a "collective sanity" of a small minority who believe that guns are a good thing.

He said that the USA is "not a democracy" and that the US was run for "big business, that's the bottom line."

When Matt asked why there wasn't an outcry against guns John said there is always an outcry, it just "not out in the streets like you'd expect it to be."

He said 49%of America wanted change, 51% "are a little nutty."

The gunman
The gunman. Picture: LBC