Caller told NOT to quarantine on arriving back in UK by border police

15 August 2020, 14:28 | Updated: 16 August 2020, 14:42

Caller tells Matt Frei he was told not to quarantine on arrival

By Seán Hickey

This caller raised eyebrows when he told LBC that border patrol said he wouldn't have to quarantine - after arriving in the UK from Rotterdam.

Laurence was travelling from the Netherlands after hearing that the government were going to impose restrictions on the country, along with France and others.

"We were bracing ourselves for two weeks of quarantine," he told Matt Frei, and "as we went through passport control the border patrol guard basically said 'you don't have to quarantine.'"

The caller told Matt that the officer told him that because they left Holland at 9pm the night before, they were exempt.

"It was a nice surprise," he said.

Laurence was worried about how the confusing messages will impact his day to day life for the next fortnight.

"Border control said it was fine, but Boris might say otherwise and that's slightly concerning me."

The caller arrived in the UK from Holland this morning
The caller arrived in the UK from Holland this morning. Picture: PA

Matt sympathised with Laurence, who said the comments of the officer have thrown a spanner in the works for him.

The caller said the messaging "doesn't stack up," and although what the officer said "must have been the message coming down from senior management," he needs to have solid confirmation from the law.

He didn't blame the officer for making the confusing remarks, accepting that the advice to this point has been "a little bit interpretational."