Doctor in NHS has become 'shadow of himself' and can't afford to heat flat, sister tells LBC

29 October 2022, 18:47

'He can't even afford to heat his flat'

By Sam Sholli

This caller has told LBC her brother - who is a doctor working in the NHS - has become a "shadow of himself", can't afford to heat his flat and can only afford one meal a day.

Helena in Hounslow told LBC's Matt Frei: "There's a misconception that doctors are paid exceptionally well because they're doctors.

"But my brother is one of this country's best.

"We're an immigrant family. He went to Cambridge...Not only did he go to Cambridge, he came second in the whole year of all the doctors that studied at Cambridge."

However, she went on to tell Matt that her brother is now working in the NHS and has become a "shadow of himself".

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After telling Matt how much her brother is earning while working in London, she said he "can't even afford to heat his flat".

Later in the exchange, Helena told LBC: "He didn't have that university experience that everybody else has when they go to uni in the UK, because he was so set on being a doctor.

"We're an immigrant family. We thought that that was prestigious.

"We thought that he was going to be set for life.

"Little did we know that he's going to be - you know - living in a studio accommodation unable to heat his flat, you know - only able to afford one meal a day [and] completely grey by the age of 26."